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Regency's Sustainability Initiative
Please join us in our efforts to be better stewards of the environment.
Regency is committed to being a sustainable company not only in the development and operations of our shopping centers, but also in our corporate operations; implementing in-house recycling programs, purchasing policies emphasizing recycled content and a campaign to reduce printing.
Regency has posted downloadable documents throughout our corporate website.
We kindly ask that you consider downloading files and viewing electronically whenever possible, and hope that you join us in our efforts to reduce paper use.
Title Format
2011 Annual Report (Form 10-K Wrap)
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2011 Form 10-K
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Annual Meeting Proxy Statement (DEF 14A)
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Quarterly Financial Supplemental Package
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Latest Form 10-Q
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DRIP Prospectus Supplement
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Frequently requested documents
For additional downloadable literature, please click on the links located on the left. Annual Reports are located on the Annual Meeting Materials page. Quarterly Financial Supplementals are located on the Quarterly Supplementals page.
To request a hard copy of a document, please click here.
Green Initiative Press Release
Click the link below to download :
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