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Earnings Packages
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Email pagePDF viewPrint viewEmail AlertRSS FeedsSocial media sharing
Q3-16 Earnings Package11/1/2016
Q2-16 Earnings Package6/30/2016
Q1-16 Earnings Package3/31/2016
Q4-15 Earnings Package12/31/2015
Q3-15 Earnings Package9/30/2015
Q2-15 Earnings Package6/30/2015
Q1-15 Earnings Package3/31/2015
Q4-14 Earnings Package12/31/2014
Q3-14 Earnings Package9/30/2014
Q2-14 Earnings Package6/30/2014
Q1-14 Earnings Package3/31/2014
Q4-13 Earnings Package12/31/2013
Q3-13 Earnings Package9/30/2013
Q2-13 Earnings Package6/30/2013
Q1-13 Earnings Package3/31/2013
Q4-12 Earnings Package12/31/2012
Q3-12 Earnings Package9/30/2012
Q2-12 Earnings Package6/30/2012
Q1-12 Earnings Package3/31/2012
Q4 11 Supplemental Package2/7/2012
Q3 11 Supplemental Package9/30/2011
Q2 11 Supplemental Package6/30/2011
Q1 11 Supplemental Package3/31/2011
Q4 10 Supplemental Package12/31/2010
Q3 10 Supplemental Package9/30/2010
Q2 10 Supplemental Package6/30/2010
Q1 10 Supplemental Package3/31/2010
Q4 09 Supplemental Package12/31/2009
Q3 09 Supplemental Package9/30/2009
Q2 09 Supplemental Package6/30/2009
Q1 09 Supplemental Package3/31/2009
Q4 08 Supplemental Package12/31/2008
Q3 08 Supplemental Package9/30/2008
Q2 08 Supplemental Package6/30/2008
Q1 08 Supplemental Package3/31/2008
Q4 07 Supplemental Package12/31/2007
Q3 07 Supplemental Package9/30/2007
Q2 07 Supplemental Package6/30/2007
Q1 07 Supplemental Package3/31/2007
Q4 06 Supplemental Package12/31/2006
Q3 06 Supplemental Package9/30/2006
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