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Net Income per common share

Net Income chart

Net income of $4.28 per share ($107 million) was achieved in 2016.

Operating Income per common share

Operating Income chart

Operating income of $106 million, or $4.25 per share, was achieved in 2016 reflecting a disciplined approach to growing our business, active management of spreads and expenses, and increased death benefits.


Capitalization chart

FBL’s total capitalization is $1.3 billion. Farm Bureau Life consistently generates excess capital, and FBL’s total excess capital is estimated to be $200 million at year end 2016.

Statutory Capital

Statutory Capital chart

Farm Bureau Life’s capital position is very strong. The company action level risk based capital, or RBC, ended 2016 at 544%. The decrease in 2016 reflects strong earnings growth offset by funds paid from Farm Bureau Life to the holding company to fund the dividends.

Book Value per common share

Book Value chart

FBL’s book value at December 31, 2016 was $47.61. Excluding accumulated other comprehensive income, book value per share grew to $41.60.

Investments By Type

Investments By Type chart

At December 31, 2016, FBL’s investments totaled $8.2 billion and are well diversified by individual issue and industry.

Investments By Quality

Investments By Quality chart

FBL’s investment portfolio quality is high with 95.6% of the fixed maturity securities being investment grade.