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Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (NYSE: SKT), is a publicly-traded REIT headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina that presently operates and owns, or has an ownership interest in, a portfolio of 39 upscale outlet shopping centers. Tanger's operating properties are located in 20 states and in Canada, totaling approximately 14.3 million square feet, leased to over 2,800 stores which are operated by more than 500 different brand name companies. The Company has more than 38 years of experience in the outlet industry. Tanger Outlet Centers continue to attract more than 181 million visitors annually. For more information on Tanger Outlet Centers, call 1-800-4TANGER or visit the Company's website at


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    August 1, 2019, 8:30 AM ET

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Contact Information
Tanger Factory Outlet
Centers, Inc.

3200 Northline Avenue
Suite 360
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 292-3010

Primary IR Contact
VP of Investor Relations
3200 Northline Avenue
Suite 360
Greensboro, NC 27408
Tel: (336) 834-6892
Fax: (336) 297-0931
Executive Officers and Directors
Executive Officers
   Steven B. Tanger
President & CEO
   Thomas E. McDonough
Executive Vice President & COO
   Chad D. Perry
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
   Carrie A. Warren
Senior Vice President & CMO
   Lisa J. Morrison
Senior Vice President, Leasing
   Virginia R. Summerell
Senior Vice President of Finance – Treasurer and Assistant Secretary
   James F. Williams
Senior Vice President & CAO
   Charles Allen Worsham
Senior Vice President, Construction and Development
Board of Directors
   Steven B. Tanger
President and Chief Executive Officer
   William G. Benton
Non-Executive Chairman
   Jeffrey B. Citrin
   David B. Henry
   Thomas J. Reddin
   Thomas E. Robinson
   Bridget M. Ryan-Berman
   Allan L. Schuman
Market Data

Current QuoteData as of August 16, 2019
Last Sale $ 14.64
Last Close $ 14.63
Today's High $ 14.82
Today's Low $ 14.53
Net Change $ .01  Up  .07%
Today's Volume1,809,233
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Peer Analysis
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Insider Ownership
Insider Transaction Activity (Last 6 Months)
Aggregates Shares Price ($) Value ($)
Open Market Buys0----
Open Market Sells (31,482) 18.22 (573,511)
Options Ex. & Sold (9,839) 21.79 (214,392)
Net Shares (41,564) 19.07 (787,903)

High Volume Traders (Last 6 Months)
Name # Buys # Sells # Options Ex. & Sold Total # Trans. Net Shares
Virginia R. Summerell0213 (21,219)
Carrie A. Warren0112 (7,540)
Chad D. Perry0213 (6,173)
Thomas Edward McDonough0011 (4,635)
Guerrieri, Thomas J.0112 (1,433)
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Upcoming Events
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Institutional Ownership
Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding92,816,830
Short Interest Shares42,000,710
Float (%)95.80
Institutional Ownership (%)108.27
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)73.97
Insider Ownership (%)4.20
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)67.56
Ownership Activity
Total Positions344100,488,272
New Positions484,118,063
Increased Positions1328,719,815
Decreased Positions112(5,967,064)
Soldout Positions46(1,391,366)
Net Change 5,479,448
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Stock Price History
High ($)Low ($)
One Day14.82  14.53  
One Month16.81  14.51  
Three Months18.72  14.51  
Year-to-Date23.14  14.51  
One Year24.91  14.51  
Three Year41.19  14.51  
Three Year Date9/2/2016 8/15/2019 
Q: How do I purchase Tanger shares?
A: Tanger's common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbols: SKT. Initial shares may be purchased through any broker. Any shareholder who participates in the Company's Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan may purchase additional shares through the Company's transfer agent.

Q: Does the Company pay a dividend?
A: Yes. The current annual dividend on common shares is $ per share. Dividends are paid on or about the 15th day of February, May, August and November. Tanger has paid dividends every quarter since the Company became publicly traded in May 1993.

Q: Does the Company offer a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?
A: Yes. Any shareholder who purchases at least one common share registered in his name on the records of the Company's transfer agent may enroll in our Dividend Reinvestment and Share Purchase Plan (DRIP). The DRIP provides shareholders an opportunity to increase ownership in Tanger by reinvesting their common share dividends into additional common shares and/or make optional cash purchases of common shares through the Company's transfer agent. Enrollment forms may be requested from Computershare Trust Company, NA 1-800-733-5001.

Q: Who is the Company's transfer agent?
A: Computershare Trust Company, NA
P. O. Box 43010
Providence, RI 02940-3010

Q: When was the initial public offering of Tanger shares?
A: The initial public offering of SKT shares was on May 28, 1993.

Q: When is the Company's year end?
A: Tanger's fiscal year ends on December 31.

Q: How can I receive information on Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.?
A: Tanger's web site,, is a useful resource for obtaining information. You can download and print our latest Annual Report, 10-K and quarterly earnings releases. You can also read about Tanger's more than 2,800 outlet store where consumers may purchase products for the entire family from leading designer and brand name manufacturers at substantial savings. If you prefer, we will mail you financial information. Click on Information Request and fill in the requested information for receipt of materials. You may also subscribe to our E-Mail Alert section of the web site for company information.

Q: How do I apply for employment at Tanger?
A: Open positions may be viewed on the Tanger web site,, under the Company Info section of the site and then follow the Careers link. We accept applications for corporate and all other center office and management positions online through the Corporate & Center Office/Management Position Link.