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   James R. Heistand
President and Chief Executive Officer
   David R. O’Reilly
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
   M. Jayson Lipsey
EVP, Chief Operating Officer
   Jeremy R. Dorsett
EVP, General Counsel
   Jason A. Bates
Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer
   Scott E. Francis
Executive Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
   Joel Anderson
Vice President of Information Technology
   Liz Baisden
Vice President of Marketing
   John V. Barton II
Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Parkway Properties, Inc.
   Thomas E. Blalock
VP, Finance and Capital Markets
   Chris Breeden
VP, Asset Manager
   Kyle Burd
VP, Managing Director
   Susan D. Egger
Vice President of Human Resources
   Michael L. Fransen
SVP, Managing Director
   Jack Gregoire
Vice President & Director of Operations
   C. R. Shipley Hall
VP, Managing Director
   Bryan F. Howell
VP, Director of Special Projects
   Victor A. Hughes
VP, Managing Director
   A. Noni Holmes-Kidd
Vice President and Senior Counsel
   John M. Kosciulek
VP, Third Party Accounting
   Knicks Lau
Vice President & Corporate Controller
   Lawrence T. LoCascio
VP, Director of Property Management
   Matthew S. Mooney
VP, Managing Director
Kate Urey
Vice President & Regional Property Manager
   Cassie Zingery
Vice President & Managing Director
   Colin Rosenbaum
Vice President of Investments
Board of Directors
   James A. Thomas
   James R. Heistand
   Avi Banyasz
   Charles T. Cannada
   Edward M. Casal
   Kelvin L. Davis
   Laurie L. Dotter
   C. William Hosler
   Adam Spencer Metz
   Brenda J. Mixson
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