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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Mergers & Acquisitions
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Deal Overview
Buyer: UMB Financial Corporation
Actual Acquirer: UMB First National Bank
Target: NA
Seller: RTC
Deal Type: Government Assisted
Type of Govt Assisted Transaction: Purchase/ Assumption
Agreement Date11/30/1990
Announcement Date11/30/1990
Date Placed in Conservatorship3/16/1989
Estimated Cost to Reg Agency ($000)21,600
Cost to Reg Agency/ Deposits (%)30.55
Cost to Reg Agency/ Assets (%)30.81
Assets Sold/ Assets (%)91.01
Deal Summary
Deal Terms
Description of Consideration
Assets Sold in Resolution ($000)63,800
Deposits Transferred ($000)NA
Deposits Liquidated ($000)NA
Premium Paid ($000)1,200
Deal Financials
Total Assets at Assumption ($000)70,100
Total Deposits at Assumption ($000)70,700
Core Deposits at Assumption ($000)66,600

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