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Mergers & Acquisitions
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Deal Overview
Buyer: UMB Financial Corporation
Actual Acquirer: UMB Financial Corporation
Target: Valley Bank Holding Company
Deal Type: Bank & Thrift Company
Agreement Date11/20/1990
Announcement Date11/20/1990
Announced Deal Value ($M)4.00
Completion Date5/10/1991
Announced Deal Value Per Share ($)5.54
Consideration Breakout
Cash ($M)4.0
Deal Pricing Ratios
Price / Book (%)132.7123.8
Price / Tangible Book (%)137.7127.9
Price / Earnings (x)12.312.6
Price / Deposits (%)9.939.87
Price / Assets (%)9.079.08
Tangible Book Premium/ Deposits (%)2.822.23
Deal Terms
Description of Consideration
Valley shareholders received 140% of August 31, 1990 book value for each each share held. This amount was to be lowered by no more than 20% for the valuation of certain NPA's.
Accounting MethodPurchase
In-State Transaction?No
Merger of Equals?No
Geographic Expansion?Market Expansion
Goodwill Generated ($000)1,276
Estimated Cost Savings (%)NA
Estimated Cost Savings ($000)NA
Est. Restructuring Charges ($000)NA
Maximum Termination Fee ($000)NA
Minimum Termination Fee ($000)NA
Exchange Ratio (Common For Common)NA
Exchange Ratio (Common For Preferred)NA
Exchange Ratio (Preferred For Common)NA
Exchange Ratio (Preferred For Preferred)NA
Lockup AgreementNA
Strike Price ($)NA
% of Shares OutstandingNA
Shares Under OptionNA
Core Deposit Intangibles ($000)NA
Deal Advisers - Financial Advisers
Party AdvisedAdviser Hired?Firm Name

Deal Advisers - Legal Counsel
Party AdvisedAdviser Hired?Firm Name
BuyerYesWatson Ess Marshall & Enggas
SellerYesSherman & Howard LLC

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