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*Book Value per Share numbers reported by the Company for Q4 2012 and Q4 2011 are $7.14 and $6.96 respectively*

Financial Information
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Income Statement ($000)
2018 Q42017 Q4Y-Y
Ch (%)
2018 Q3Q-Q
Ch (%)
Total Interest Income39,20140,035(2.08)39,725(5.28)
Total Interest Expense31,23923,65032.0930,12714.76
Net Interest Income7,96216,385(51.41)9,598(68.18)
Loan Loss Provisions000.0000.00
Gain on Investments13,904(9,424)NM(5,410)NM
Total Revenue(32,257)19,639NM20,564NM
Non Interest Expense3,6753,4376.923,19959.52
Total Expenses3,6753,4376.923,19959.52
Net Income(35,933)16,203NM17,365NM
Per Share Items ($)
2018 Q42017 Q4Y-Y
Ch (%)
2018 Q3Q-Q
Ch (%)
Book Value per Share4.715.91(20.42)5.12(32.36)
Diluted EPS Before Extra(0.39)0.14NM0.15NM
Diluted EPS After Extra(0.39)0.14NM0.15NM
Dividends Declared0.13000.1500(13.33)0.1400(28.57)
Dividend Payout (%) NM 107.14NM93.33NM
Performance Ratios (%)
2018 Q42017 Q4Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2018 Q3Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Net Interest Margin0.631.16(52)0.76(12)
EBITDA/ Interest Expense (x)(0.15)1.69(184) (100bp)1.58(173) (100bp)
Asset Growth(19.32)(1.26)(1,806)(1.91)(1,741)
Net Income Growth NM 2.41NM37.07NM
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)
2018 Q42017 Q4Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2018 Q3Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Total Equity / Total Assets11.1511.76(61)11.37(22)
Total Debt / Total Equity (x)7.817.4239 (100bp)7.6516 (100bp)
Debt / Total Cap, at Book88.3187.834888.1120
Investments / Assets97.4798.50(103)97.69(22)
   Q-Q Ch(%)= most recent quarter minus prior quarter annualized e.g. [(Q4-Q3)/Q3]*4

  * Percentages presented for individual quarters are annualized by taking the quarter amount and multiplying by four.

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