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Todd Etter Jr.
Chairman and Partner of UMT Holdings
Mr. Etter has served as director, partner and Chairman of UMT Services, the general partner of UMT Holdings and UMTH LD and Executive Vice President of UMTH LD since March 2003. UMT Holdings originates, purchases, sells and services loans for the development of single-family lots and loans for the construction of single-family homes through its subsidiary UMTH LD. UMT Holdings also provides real estate-related corporate finance services through its subsidiary UMTH GS. UMTH GS serves as the advisor to UDF IV and United Mortgage Trust. Mr. Etter serves as Chairman of the general partner of UDF I and UDF II and Executive Vice President of the general partner of UDF III, each of which are limited partnerships formed to originate, purchase, sell and service land development loans and/ or equity participations. Since 2000, Mr. Etter has been the Chairman of UMT Advisors, Inc., which served as the advisor to United Mortgage Trust from 2000 through July 31, 2006, and since 1996, he has been Chairman of Mortgage Trust Advisors, Inc., which served as the advisor to United Mortgage Trust from 1996 to 2000. Subsequent to the completion of the terms of their advisory agreements with United Mortgage Trust, neither UMT Advisors, Inc. nor Mortgage Trust Advisors, Inc. has been engaged in providing advisory services. Mr. Etter has overseen the growth of United Mortgage Trust from its inception in 1997 to over $160 million in capital. Since 1998, Mr. Etter has been a 50% owner of and has served as a director of Capital Reserve Corp. Since 2002, he has served as an owner and director of Ready America Funding Corp. Both Capital Reserve Corp. and Ready America Funding Corp. are Texas corporations that originate, sell and service mortgage loans for the purchase, renovation and construction of single-family homes. In 1992, Mr. Etter formed, and since that date has served as President of, South Central Mortgage, Inc. (“SCMI”), a Dallas, Texas-based mortgage banking firm. In July 2003, Mr. Etter consolidated his business interests in Capital Reserve Corp., Ready America Funding Corp. and SCMI into UMT Holdings. From 1980 through 1987, Mr. Etter served as a Principal of South Central Securities, an NASD member firm. In 1985, he formed South Central Financial Group, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based investment banking firm, and he continues to serve as its President; however, since 1992, South Central Financial Group, Inc. has not actively engaged in investment banking activities. From 1974 through 1981, he was Vice President of Crawford, Etter and Associates, a residential development, marketing, finance and construction company. Mr. Etter received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1972.

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