Company Description

1347 PIH will now operate as a diversified holding company of reinsurance and investment management businesses focused on building a permanent and growing base of asymmetric risk/reward opportunities for its shareholders.

Corporate Data

Deposit Market Share
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Dividends Graph
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Insider Ownership
Insider Transaction Activity (Last 6 Months)
Aggregates Shares Price ($) Value ($)
Open Market Buys228,2314.761,086,988
Open Market Sells0----
Options Ex. & Sold0----
Net Shares292,2294.761,100,758

High Volume Traders (Last 6 Months)
Name # Buys # Sells # Options Ex. & Sold Total # Trans. Net Shares
Fundamental Global Investors LLC9009231,231
Cerminara, Daniel Kyle10018,714
Scott David Wollney10018,714
Payne, E. Gray10018,714
Johnson, Lewis Mckay10018,714
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Institutional Ownership
Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding6,068,106
Short Interest Shares3,708
Float (%)81.33
Institutional Ownership (%)60.24
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)25.99
Insider Ownership (%)18.67
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)60.18
Ownership Activity
Total Positions143,655,231
New Positions21,479
Increased Positions47,405
Decreased Positions3(29,664)
Soldout Positions4(1,358,263)
Net Change (1,379,043)
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Market Data

Current QuoteData as of September 29, 2020
Last Sale $ 3.90
Last Close $ 3.85
Today's High $ 4.05
Today's Low $ 3.88
Net Change $ .05  Up  1.30%
Today's Volume514
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial Technology Deals

Sector Announce
Status Deal Value
ClaimCor, LLCInsurance & Healthcare Technology12/11/2014Completed on 1/1/20150.32NA
Sales and Divestitures
Insurance Underwriter Deals

Sector Announce
Status Deal Value
Homeowners Insurance OperationsFedNat Holding CompanyProperty & Casualty12/03/2018Completed on 12/2/201951.94NA
Officers and Directors
Management Team
   Larry Gene Swets Jr.
Interim Chief Executive Officer
   John S. Hill
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Secretary
   Brian D. Bottjer
Senior Vice President & Controller
Board of Directors
   Daniel Kyle Cerminara
   Rita Hayes
   Lewis McKay Johnson
   Marsha G. King
   E. Gray Payne
   Larry Gene Swets Jr.
   Scott David Wollney
   Dennis A. Wong
Peer Analysis
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Recent Documents
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Stock Price History
High ($)Low ($)
One Day4.05  3.88  
One Month4.59  3.85  
Three Months4.60  3.80  
Year-to-Date5.92  3.80  
One Year5.92  3.80  
Three Year8.25  3.75  
Three Year Date5/14/2018 12/27/2018 
Stock Purchase Program
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Tear Sheet Description
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Upcoming Events
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