Company Description
Evans Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE American: EVBN) is a financial holding company and the parent company of Evans Bank, N.A., a commercial bank with $2.1 billion in assets and $1.8 billion in deposits at June 30, 2020. Evans is a full-service community bank, with 20 financial centers providing comprehensive financial services to consumer, business and municipal customers throughout Western New York. Current financial centers are located in Amherst, Clarence, Derby, Downtown Buffalo, Elmwood Village, Evans, Fairport, Forestville, Hamburg, Lancaster, Lockport, North Boston, North Buffalo, Rochester, Tonawanda, Webster, West Seneca, and Williamsville, New York.

Evans Bancorp's wholly owned insurance subsidiary, The Evans Agency, LLC, provides life insurance, employee benefits, and property and casualty insurance through ten offices in the Western New York region. Evans Investment Services provides non-deposit investment products, such as annuities and mutual funds.

Evans’ strategy is to build a profitable and dynamic, growth-oriented, community-based financial services company to fully meet the need for relationship-based financial services by small and middle market customers. Evans will create value through service excellence, accountability, and accuracy in execution with a single-minded, customer-centric focus.
Corporate Data
Evans Bancorp, Inc.
One Grimsby Drive, Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 926-2000
(716) 926-2005 Fax

Investor Relations Contact
Ms. Jessica L. Brosius
(716) 926-2000 ext. 3900
[email protected]

Transfer Agent
250 Royall Street, Mail Stop 1A, Canton, MA 02021
(888) 294-8217

Stock Price History
High ($)Low ($)
One Day23.60  22.99  
One Month24.49  22.00  
Three Months27.84  21.81  
Year-to-Date41.29  20.50  
One Year41.75  20.50  
Three Year49.23  20.50  
Three Year Date7/23/2018 3/23/2020 
Officers and Directors
Corporate Officers
David J. Nasca
President & Chief Executive Officer
Michelle A. Baumgarden
Nicholas J. Snyder
Assistant Secretary
John B. Connerton
Board of Directors
Lee C. Wortham
Oliver H. Sommer
Vice Chairman
Michael A. Battle
James E. Biddle Jr.
Jody L. Lomeo
Kevin D. Maroney
Robert G. Miller Jr.
Kimberley A. Minkel
David J. Nasca
Christina P. Orsi
David R. Pfalzgraf Jr.
Michael J. Rogers
Nora B. Sullivan
Thomas H. Waring Jr.
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Current QuoteData as of August 14, 2020
Last Sale $ 23.58
Last Close $ 23.60
Today's High $ 23.60
Today's Low $ 22.99
Net Change $ (0.02)  Down  .08%
Today's Volume3,554
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Q: Where is Evans Bancorp, Inc.’s common stock listed?
A: Our common stock is listed on NYSE American under the symbol EVBN.

For more detailed stock information, please visit our Stock Information page.

Q: Does Evans Bancorp, Inc. pay a Dividend?
A: To see a list of our historical dividends and stock splits, please visit our Dividends page.

Q: How can I buy/sell Evans Bancorp, Inc. stock?
A: Evans Bancorp, Inc. stock is listed on the NYSE American. You may purchase or sell shares through a stock broker.

Q: Who are the Market Makers for Evans Bancorp, Inc.’s Stock?
A: Click here to see a list of our Market Makers and their contact information.

Q: How can I receive Email alerts from Evans Bancorp, Inc.?
A: To sign up for Email alerts on our Events, Documents, Press Releases and closing stock price information click here to visit our Email Notification page.

Q: Rather than receiving cash dividends, can I use my dividend to purchase additional shares of Evans Bancorp, Inc. stock?
A: Evans Bancorp, Inc. offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan for our shareholders. In lieu of receiving a check for your dividend amount, you may have additional shares of Evans Bancorp, Inc. stock purchased automatically. For information regarding Dividend Reinvestment, contact our transfer agent, Computershare Investor Services, LLC at 1-888-294-8217.

Q: What if I don't receive a dividend check?
A: If you do not receive a dividend check, you should contact Computershare Investor Services, LLC at 1-888-294-8217 to request an Affidavit of Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Dividend Check(s). Please be prepared to provide the transfer agent with your Social Security Number or account number.

Insider Ownership
Insider Transaction Activity (Last 6 Months)
Aggregates Shares Price ($) Value ($)
Open Market Buys2,53225.0363,366
Open Market Sells (2,802) 40.01 (112,097)
Options Ex. & Sold2,80214.0039,228
Net Shares12,16626.39 (9,503)

High Volume Traders (Last 6 Months)
Name # Buys # Sells # Options Ex. & Sold Total # Trans. Net Shares
Maroney, Kevin D.600610,634
David John Nasca20021,332
Thomas H. Waring Jr.1001200
Robert G. Miller Jr.03360
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Institutional Ownership
Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding5,337,061
Short Interest Shares32,454
Float (%)99.53
Institutional Ownership (%)53.28
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)29.04
Insider Ownership (%)0.47
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)40.48
Ownership Activity
Total Positions812,843,758
New Positions1589,137
Increased Positions32193,139
Decreased Positions21(160,544)
Soldout Positions9(79,032)
Net Change 42,700
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Target Total
Assets ($000)
FSB Bancorp, Inc.NYThrift11/27/2019Completed on 5/1/202029.11324,810
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State Industry
Date Sold Target Total
Assets ($000)
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Sold ($000)
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Deposits ($000)
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Frontier Claim Services, Inc.1/01/2003Completed on 1/1/2003NA
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Stock Purchase Program


The following investment considerations should be considered by prospective Participants in deciding whether to purchase the Common Stock offered hereby:

Uncertain Future Results

Commercial banking is affected, directly and indirectly, by local, domestic, and international economic and political conditions, and by government monetary and fiscal policies. Conditions such as inflation, recession, unemployment, volatile interest rates, tight money supply, scarce natural resources, real estate values, international conflicts and other factors beyond the control of the Company and the Bank, may adversely affect the potential profitability of the Company and the Bank. Management does not expect any one particular factor to affect the Bank's results of operations. A downward trend in several areas, however, including real estate, construction and consumer spending, could have an adverse impact on the Bank's ability to maintain or increase profitability. Therefore, there is no assurance that the Company and the Bank will be able to continue their current growth rates.

Market for Common Stock

Although the shares of Common Stock are listed on NYSE American, the Common Stock is not widely traded and is not expected to be widely traded in the near future. There can be no assurance that the Common Stock will trade at prices at or above the applicable price per share on each dividend payment date. An inactive or illiquid trading market may have an adverse impact on the market price of the Common Stock. Moreover, price fluctuations in the Common Stock may not necessarily be dependent upon or reflective of the performance of the Company.


The Bank faces significant competition from many other banks, savings institutions and other financial institutions which have branch offices or otherwise operate in the Bank's market area, as well as many other companies now offering a variety of financial services. Many of these competitors have substantially greater financial resources than the Bank including a larger capital base that allows them to attract customers seeking larger loans than the Bank is able to make. There is no assurance that the Bank will continue to compete successfully in its market area.

Future Issuances of Common Stock

Subsequent to the commencement of the Plan, the Board of Directors of the Company will continue to have authority to issue additional shares of the Common Stock. Any future issuances may result in dilution of the value of the shares issued pursuant to the Plan.

Anti-takeover Provisions

The Company's Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws and the New York Business Corporation Law contain certain provisions which may make more difficult or discourage a non-negotiated merger, tender other or a proxy contest for control of the Company, the assumption of control of the Company by a holder of a large block of Common Stock and the removal of the Company's management, even if such transactions might be generally favorable to the interests of some stockholders.

Federal and State Government Regulation

The operations of the Company and the Bank are heavily regulated and will be affected by present and future legislation and by the policies established from time to time by various federal and state regulatory authorities. In particular, the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve Board have had a significant effect on the operating results of banks in the past and are expected to continue to do so in the future.

Management's Discretion in Allocation of Proceeds

The net proceeds of the sale of the shares of the newly issued Common Stock pursuant to the Plan will be used for general corporate purposes to support the growth and expansion of the Company and the Bank. Management, however, has discretion in determining the actual manner in which net proceeds will be applied. The precise use, amounts and timing of the application of proceeds will depend upon, among other things, the funding requirements of the Bank, the availability of other funds, and the existence of business opportunities.

For more information, please address all correspondence concerning the Plan to Computershare Investor Services, LLC (the "Agent"):

Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
250 Royall Street
Mail Stop 1A
Canton, MA 02021

Please mention Evans Bancorp, Inc. in all your correspondence and, if you are a participant in the Plan, give the number of your account. If you prefer, you may call Computershare Trust Company, N.A. for general questions on shareholder services and for dividend reinvestment plan information at 1-888-294-8217.