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Income Statement

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 2015 Y 2016 Y 2017Q1
Period Ended12/31/201512/31/20163/31/2017
Operating Revenue ($000)   
Subscription Revenue000
Advertising Revenue254,134258,51457,510
Content Revenue000
Other Operating Revenue000
Operating Revenue, Net254,134258,51457,510
Operating Expenses ($000)   
Programming Expenses110,323113,43927,092
Other Cost of Revenue7,2429,5361,752
Cost of Revenue117,565122,97528,844
Operating SG&A Expense65,33571,34117,067
Operating DD&A15,98915,3423,546
Other Operating Expense000
Total Operating Expenses198,889209,65849,457
Net Operating Income55,24548,8568,053
Reported Net Operating Income55,24548,8568,053
Other Income/Expenses ($000)   
Interest Income45300109
Interest Expense13,04715,4693,645
Interest Expense, Net of Interest Income13,00215,1693,536
Partnership Income000
Realized and Unrealized Gains on Securities000
Gain on Sale of Assets000
Nonrecurring Loss on Early Retirement of Debt2041610
Provision for Restructuring and Asset Writedowns000
Other Non-Operating Income, Net000
Other Income(13,206)(15,330)(3,536)
Net Income ($000)   
Net Income before Taxes42,03933,5264,517
Provision for Taxes16,41413,1211,899
Min Int & Oth after-tax Items000
Net Income before Extra25,62520,4052,618
Discontinued Operations000
Change in Accounting Principles000
Other Extraordinary Items000
Extraordinary Items000
Net Income25,62520,4052,618
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int000
Net Income Attributable to Parent25,62520,4052,618
Net Income for Basic EPS25,62520,4052,618
Net Income for Diluted EPS25,62520,4052,618
Per Share Information   
Basic EPS before Extra ($)
Basic EPS after Extra ($)
Avg Basic Shares Out (actual) 87,920,23089,340,58990,236,476
Diluted EPS before Extra ($)
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary ($)
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 90,295,18591,303,05691,760,531
Common Dividends Declared per Share ($)

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