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Financial Reports | Financial Highlights

Financial Reports 
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Financial Highlights 
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 2017 FQ3 YTD2016 FY2015 FY2014 FY2013 FY
Period Ended9/30/201712/31/201612/31/201512/31/201412/31/2013
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Total Assets1,294,1301,249,8161,180,5571,155,7341,089,532
Total Net Loans926,564878,570799,737717,929658,620
Total Deposits1,078,3821,037,294945,519918,945892,341
Equity Attributable to Parent Company124,423114,536104,487107,650106,659
Total Equity124,423114,536104,487107,650106,659
Profitability (%)   
Net Income ($000) 7,8439,922(2,497)7,5165,906
Net Income Attributable to Parent ($000) 7,8439,922(2,497)7,5165,906
Core ROAA0.870.900.600.700.63
Core ROAE9.199.676.427.356.27
Net Interest Margin3.793.803.874.184.32
Reported: Net Interest Margin3.803.803.874.184.32
Efficiency Ratio66.5865.0074.2674.6173.45
Noninterest Inc / Operating Rev9.199.8810.328.288.80
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)   
Loans / Deposits86.7485.6385.4279.1675.02
Securities / Assets20.5021.7124.4427.6827.81
Total Equity / Total Assets9.619.168.859.319.79
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets9.619.108.638.949.24
Tang Common Equity / Tang Assets9.619.108.638.948.25
Asset Quality (%)
Please see Company's earnings release and quarterly and/or annual filings with the Securities and Exchange commission for detailed Asset Quality information which details an analysis and explanation for both non-covered and FDIC covered assets. 
NPAs / Assets1.601.551.762.472.59
NPA Excl Restructured / Assets1.191.171.371.931.68
NPAs & 90+ PD / Assets1.601.551.762.472.59
NPAs / Loans & REO2.212.162.554.254.69
Nonaccrual & 90+ & OREO / Assets1.191.171.371.931.68
NPAs & 90+ PD / Loans & REO2.212.162.554.254.69
NPA & Loans 90+ / Tangible Common Equity + LLR15.5315.6718.5825.2828.19
NCOs / Avg Loans0.140.06(0.04)0.190.42
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans0.951.091.241.341.63
Reserves / NPAs42.8450.1648.3934.2338.65
Loan Loss Provision / NCO15.3732.17NM00
Capital Adequacy  ()  
Tier 1 Common Capital (CET1) ($000) NA115,403104,333102,27389,831
Tier 1 Capital ($000) NA119,527108,457106,397105,672
Tier 2 Capital ($000) NA9,3509,700NANA
Total Capital ($000) NA128,877118,157115,805113,805
Total Risk-weighted Assets ($000) NA979,615897,891786,876675,819
Tier 1 Common Capital (CET1) Ratio (%) 12.2011.7811.6213.0013.28
Tier 1 Ratio (%) 12.6012.2012.0813.5215.62
Total Capital Ratio (%) 13.4013.1613.1614.7216.82
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (%) NANANANANA
Leverage Ratio (%) 10.009.609.389.369.52
Basel III Leverage Ratio (%) NANANANANA
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 22,047,83321,959,64821,866,94421,791,52321,709,096
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 22,491,00022,161,22121,826,84521,980,97921,922,132
Basic Book Value per Share5.645.224.784.944.42
As-reported Book Value per ShareNANANANANA
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share5.645.174.654.724.12
Reported: Tangible Book Value5.645.174.654.724.07
Common Dividends Declared per Share00000
EPS after Extra0.350.45(0.11)0.330.22
EPS after Extra Growth (%) 6.10NMNM50.004.80
Core EPS0.370.490.310.340.27
Core EPS Growth (%) 4.4059.40(10.6)24.6020.40
Diluted EPS before Amortization0.390.54(0.03)0.420.32
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share0.300.390.210.250.19
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