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Period Ended12/31/201012/31/201112/31/201212/31/2013
Loan Composition (%)   
Total Gross Loans ($000) 877,206850,842911,960980,951
Gross Loans HFI Growth2.73(3.01)7.187.57
1-4 Family Loans / Loans6.145.113.503.14
Multifamily Loans / Loans4.905.166.416.40
Commercial Real Estate Loans / Loans52.4253.4951.3949.22
Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Loans / Loans57.3358.6557.8055.62
Real Estate Loans / Loans63.4763.7761.3058.76
Construction & Development Loans / Loans7.034.487.127.00
Home Equity Loans / Loans0.580.580.510.54
Credit Card Loans / Loans0.100.0900
Vehicle Loans / LoansNA000.01
Other Consumer Loans / Loans0.961.281.281.21
Consumer Loans / Loans1.641.961.791.76
Commercial Loans / Loans27.9529.8829.8732.58
Foreign Loans / Loans0000
Other Loans / Loans0000
Unearned Income and Other Adjustments / Loans(0.09)(0.08)(0.08)(0.10)
Deposit Composition (%)   
Total Deposits ($000) 988,2981,051,3121,092,2541,129,855
Deposit Growth0.406.383.893.44
Transaction Acct Deps / Tot Deps13.4514.7718.8220.20
Savings Acct Deps / Tot DepositsNANANANA
Money Mkt Deps / Tot DepositsNANANANA
MMDA & Savings / Total Deposits28.0034.6340.6340.36
Retail Time Deps / Tot Deposits54.5845.4737.3037.38
Jumbo Time Deposits / Deposits3.975.133.262.05
Tot Time Deposits / Tot Deposits58.5450.6040.5639.43
Foreign Deposits / Total Deposits0000
Other Deposits / Total Deposits0000
Non-CDs / Total Deposits41.4649.4059.4460.57
Core Deposits / Total Deposits96.0394.8796.7497.95
Noninterest-bearing Deposits / Deposits8.9612.5814.8313.39
Interest-bearing Deposits / Deposits91.0487.4285.1786.61

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