Income Statement

 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y 2017Q1
Period Ended12/31/201412/31/201512/31/20163/31/2017
Revenues ($000)   
Interest Income2,9061,103260
Rental Revenue132,825148,396133,6020
Operating RE Revenue22,74226,12526,5420
Partnership Income (1,499) 1,9392,7240
Property Management Revenue0000
Franchise Fees0000
Nonrecurring Revenue001300
Other Noninterest Income0000
Expenses ($000)   
Interest Expense20,12028,26236,9810
Rental Operating Expense37,20943,75243,5610
Operating RE Expense23,73625,36626,7530
Real Estate Depreciation & Amortization84,79982,71668,9520
Provision for Loan Losses0000
Advisory Fees8,39712,46513,3450
Non-Real Estate Depreciation0000
General & Administrative Expense12,33727,34512,7990
Property Acquisition Fees16,0833,77119,7080
Asset Writedowns0027,9110
Other Nonrecurring Expense48,5791,1003,2120
Other Expense (1) 5783310
Net Income ($000)   
Net Income before Gain on Sale of Real Estate(94,285)(47,792)(90,529)0
Gain on Sale of Real Estate07,5236,6300
Total Minority Interest Expense0000
Provision for Taxes0000
Trust Preferred Distributions0000
Net Income before Extra(94,285)(40,269)(83,899)0
Extraordinary Items0000
Net Income(94,285)(40,269)(83,899)0
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int(1,257)(1,188)(1,373)0
Net Income Attributable to Parent(93,028)(39,081)(82,526)0
Preferred Dividends0000
Issue Costs of Redeemed Preferred Stock0000
Net Income Avail to Common(93,028)(39,081)(82,526)0
Adjusted FFO66,96968,92435,4460
Distributable IncomeNANANANA
Per Share Information ($)   
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary(0.56)(0.24)(0.50)0
FFO / Share0.090.36NA0
AFFO per Share0.400.41NA0
Distributable Income per ShareNANANANA
Regular Dividends Paid0.510.460.380
Regular Dividends Declared0.570.380.350
Total Dividends Paid0.510.460.380
Common Dividends Declared per Share0.570.380.350
Avg Diluted Shares Out (actual) 166,959,316162,165,580164,949,461NA

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