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Balance Sheet

 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/201512/31/2016
Real Estate Assets ($000)   
Total Gross Loans0005,138
Gross Depreciable Property196,9082,330,3332,546,1242,931,695
Total Accumulated Depreciation2,30742,568133,329216,055
Net Property Investment194,6012,287,7652,412,7952,715,640
Investment in Partnerships0000
Total Nondepreciable Real Estate09,7061800
Investment in Real Estate before Reserves194,6012,297,4712,412,9752,720,778
Loan Loss Reserve0000
Net Real Estate Investment194,6012,297,4712,412,9752,720,778
Non Real Estate Assets ($000)   
Cash and Cash Equivalents11,50064,68469,93869,831
Total Securities049000
Total Intangible Assets03,6652,98813,931
Current Inventories0000
Deferred Tax Asset02,1022,5521,586
Restricted Cash7376,1043,3197,497
Accounts Receivable1,9669,20023,18430,475
Total Other Assets5,03641,10925,56647,369
Total Assets213,8402,424,8252,540,5222,891,467
Liabilities ($000)   
Total Debt77,480937,6471,242,2241,419,378
Deficit Partnerships0000
Advanced Rents & Security Deposits1,86212,25215,49118,429
Deferred Revenue0000
Deferred Tax Liability03,6654,01615,065
Redeemable Partnership Units0000
Minority Interest (FASB 150)0000
Total Other Liabilities11,77854,59258,67282,614
Total Liabilities91,1201,008,1561,320,4031,535,486
Mezzanine ($000)   
Redeemable Preferred0000
Trust Preferred Securities0000
Minority Interest in OP0000
Other Minority Interest0000
Preferred OP Minority Interest0000
Other Mezzanine Items0000
Total Mezzanine Level Items0000
Equity ($000)   
Total Preferred Equity0000
Common Equity122,7201,416,6691,205,3931,347,778
Equity Attributable to Parent Company122,7201,416,6691,205,3931,347,778
Noncontrolling Interests in OPNA014,7268,203
Noncontrolling Interests in OP Preferred0000
Other Noncontrolling Interests0000
Noncontrolling InterestsNA014,7268,203
Total Equity122,7201,416,6691,220,1191,355,981
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 5,221,94259,311,05856,312,21166,258,559
Convertible OP Units (actual) 77603,226181,843

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