PresentationsGLOBAL NET LEASE (NYSE - GNL)  
Investor Presentation5/8/2018
Investor Presentation3/22/2018
Investor Presentation2/27/2018
Investor Presentation11/13/2017
Hedging Program Update Presentation6/13/2017
Investor Presentation5/18/2017
Investor Presentation3/24/2017
Investor Presentation11/15/2016
Acquisition of American Realty Capital Global Trust II – September 20169/12/2016
Brexit Impact Presentation7/1/2016
Investor Presentation6/6/2016
Investor Presentation5/18/2016
Investor Presentation4/1/2016
Investor Presentation3/1/2016
Investor Presentation11/17/2015
Investor Presentation6/1/2015
Investor Presentation5/13/2015
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