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Interest and Dividend Income 
Interest and fees on mortgage loans 20,02420,12718,95317,843
Interest on mortgage-backed securities 9,1876,8795,6755,199
Interest on commercial loans 3,0964,2185,1465,634
Interest on consumer and other loans 4,7724,3804,0463,686
Interest on taxable investments 2,9863,3852,9051,463
Interest on tax-exempt investments 1,2671,026845704
Dividends on investment securities 11334
Total interest and dividend income 41,34340,01837,57334,533
Interest Expense 
Interest on deposits 10,9579,0347,4885,817
Interest on borrowings 13,92912,71311,5469,278
Total interest expense 24,88621,74719,03415,095
Net Interest Income 16,45718,27118,53919,438
Provision for Loan Losses 4006001,150930
Net Interest Income, after Provision for Loan Losses 16,05717,67117,38918,508
Other Income 
Customer service fees 663641549578
Impairment of equity securities (449)NANANA
Realized losses on securities (5)NANANA
Realized gains on securities NANA034
Realized gains on loans, net NANA034
Income on bank-owned life insurance 5025121,548486
Other income 7608348891,038
Total other income 1,4711,9872,9862,170
Other Expenses 
Salaries and employee benefits 6,2196,9467,4037,733
Occupancy and equipment 1,1991,3361,3821,388
Deposit insurance premiums 1,085906727553
Data processing 567649743753
Other 2,4572,8652,8703,061
Total other expenses 11,52712,70213,12513,488
Income before Income Tax Expense 6,0016,9567,2507,190
Income tax expense 1,2851,9481,8552,137
Net Income 4,7165,0085,3955,053
Earnings Per Share 
Basic 1.311.371.451.35
Diluted 1.311.361.441.33
Weighted Average Shares Outstanding 
Basic 3,598,6623,658,3003,726,5993,747,729
Diluted 3,610,5693,685,0043,758,2813,811,447
Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income 
Net Income NANA5,3955,053
Other Comprehensive Income (Loss) 
Unrealized gain (loss) on securities available for sale, net of tax NANA(36)102
Total Comprehensive Income NANA5,3595,155

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