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Investor Presentation - January 20171/13/2017
SanTan Acquisition12/15/2016
5090 Acquisition11/30/2016
Investor Presentation - November 201611/14/2016
Q3 2016 Supplemental Financial Information11/7/2016
Park Tower Acquisition11/7/2016
Q2 2016 Supplemental Financial Information8/4/2016
FRP Collection Acquisition7/13/2016
Carillon Point Acquisition6/30/2016
Corporate Parkway Sale6/23/2016
Investor Presentation - May 20165/27/2016
Q1 2016 Supplemental Financial Information5/5/2016
Investor Presentation – March 20163/3/2016
Q4 2015 Supplemental Financial Information3/3/2016
Investor Presentation - November 201511/6/2015
Q3 2015 Supplemental Financial Information11/6/2015
Internalization Overview11/2/2015
Investor Presentation – September 20159/22/2015
190 Office Center Acquisition9/3/2015
Intellicenter Acquisition9/3/2015
Q2 2015 Supplemental Financial Information8/6/2015
Investor Presentation - August 20158/21/2015
DTC Crossroads Acquisition7/16/2015
Superior Pointe Acquisition6/25/2015
Q1 2015 Supplemental Financial Package5/8/2015
Investor Presentation - May 20155/8/2015
Q4 2014 Supplemental Financial Information3/5/2015
Logan Tower Acquisition2/16/2015
Florida Research Park Acquisition11/19/2014
Q3 2014 Supplemental Financial Information11/14/2014
Q2 2014 Supplemental Financial Information8/14/2014
Lake Vista Pointe Acquisition7/24/2014
Plaza 25 Acquisition7/24/2014
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