Republic Bank & Trust

Income Statement

Financial Highlights
2019 FQ3 YTD
Interest Income 216,356
Interest Expense 34,625
Net Interest Income 181,731
FTE Net Interest Income NA
Provision for Loan Losses 24,844
Trading Account Income 143
Foreign Exchange Income 0
Trust Revenue 0
Service Charges on Deposits 10,650
Gain on Sale of Loans (FAS 140) 10,321
Loan Fees & Charges 567
Bank-owned Life Insurance Revenue 1,154
Insurance Revenue 336
Investment Banking & Brokerage 0
Other Noninterest Income 31,134
Total Noninterest Income 54,305
Realized Gain on Securities 561
Nonrecurring Revenue 0
Compensation & Benefits 75,184
Occupancy & Equipment 19,627
Marketing and Promotion Expense 3,800
Professional Fees 2,756
Tech & Communications Expense NA
Amrt of Intang & Goodwill Impair 139
Foreclosure & Repo (163)
Other Expense 29,518
Total Noninterest Expense 130,861
Nonrecurring Expense 0
Pre-Provision Net Revenue 105,175
Non-FTE Pre-Provision Net Revenue 105,175
Net Income before Taxes 80,892
Provision for Taxes 14,961
Effective Tax Rate(%) 18.50
Min Int & Oth after-tax Items 0
Extraordinary Items 0
Net Income 65,931
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int 0
Net Income Attributable to Parent 65,931
Preferred Dividends 0
Other Preferred Dividends after Net Income 0
Other Changes to Net Income 0
Net Income Avail to Common 65,931
Net Income for Diluted EPS 65,931
EPS after Extra($) 3.15
EPS after Extra Growth(%) 8.60
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share($) 3.97
Comprehensive Income
Net Income 65,931
Preferred Dividend Adjustment to Comprehensive Inc 0
Total Other Comprehensive Income 4,153
Comprehensive Income 70,084
Interest Income Earned On:
Interest Earned on Loans 199,935
Int Inc: Securities 11,278
Int Inc: Other Earn Assets 5,143
Int Inc: Secs & Oth Earn Assets 16,421
Int Inc: Total Earn Assets 216,356
Interest Expense Incurred On:
Int Exp: CDs 9,145
Int Exp: Other Deposits 12,548
Int Exp: Total Deposits 21,693
Int Exp: Debt 12,932
Int Exp: Total Int-bearing Liab 34,625
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