Investor Relations


  • CF Industries Holdings, Inc. was formed in April 2005 as a Delaware corporation to hold the existing businesses of CF Industries, Inc., following completion of the company’s common stock offering. Completion of the offering took place in August 2005, at which time CF Industries became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CF Industries Holdings.
  • The stock was offered at $16.00 per common share.
  • The common stock trades under the legal name, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. However, the company does business in the fertilizer industry under the well-known name of its subsidiary, CF Industries.
  • The IPO sold 41,250,000 shares of common stock plus an additional 6,187,500 shares to cover over-allotments. In addition, 7,562,500 shares were issued to two of the company's former cooperative owners, for a total of 55,000,000 shares.
  • At June 30, 2014, there were 49,669,820 shares of the company’s stock, $0.01 par value per share, outstanding.
  • The common shares of CF Industries Holdings, Inc. were listed on the New York Stock Exchange on August 11, 2005. They trade under the symbol “CF.”
  • There are many sources. This Web site, for example, includes extensive information on CF Industries Holdings, Inc. common stock, including pricing (posted on a 20-minute delay), historical prices, trading volume information, and more. You’ll also find similar information on financial Web sites such as Yahoo Finance,, and others, as well as in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily.

    Please note that the company provides this list of information sources strictly as a courtesy to investors. The company does not in any way endorse the accuracy and timeliness of information provided by any third-party source.
  • The CUSIP number for CF common stock is 125269 10 0.
  • On August 6, 2014, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors had increased the regular quarterly dividend on the common stock to $1.50 per share, up from the previous $1.00 per share quarterly rate.

    For information on the company's most recent dividend actions, see the Investor Relations section of the company's Web site, under the "Dividends & Splits" heading.
  • To contact Computershare, telephone 1-866-298-4984.

    To contact Computershare by mail, write:
    P.O. Box 30170
    College Station, TX 77842-3170

    Computershare’s Web site is
  • At present, the company does not offer a direct purchase program.
  • At present, the company does not offer a dividend reinvestment program.
  • CF Industries Holdings, Inc. expects to mail its Annual Report, Proxy Statement, and Proxy Card to shareholders each spring. The company does not publish quarterly reports, but shareholders who wish to receive quarterly earnings releases and other news directly from the company may sign up on this site to receive e-mail alerts containing news and information about the company.
  • The company holds quarterly conference calls following the reporting of financial results. Individual shareholders will be able to access the call on a listen-only basis through a link provided on this Web site. Shareholders and other interested individuals can sign up for E-mail alerts about the conference calls and other company events at the E-mail Alerts section of this site.
  • As noted earlier, shareholders should contact the company’s transfer agent, Computershare, for address changes, to establish a trust account, and for other needed information and services.

    Shareholders with questions concerning the company itself and its performance should use the Information Request feature of this Web site.
  • CF Industries Holdings, Inc. is located at 4 Parkway North, Suite 400, Deerfield, Illinois 60015-2590. Deerfield is approximately 20 miles northwest of Chicago.
  • Due to scheduling and safety concerns, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. cannot offer plant visits to individual shareholders.