• AHT’s initial public offering was priced on August 26, 2003, and we began trading on the NYSE at $9.00 per share.
  • Our common stock is listed on NYSE under the symbol AHT.
    For more detailed stock information, please visit our Stock Information page.
  • To see a list of our historical dividends, please visit our Dividends page.
  • To see our Stock Specialist's contact information, please visit our Stock Specialist page.
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  • There are 7 members of the AHT Board of Directors and 6 are outside directors.
  • AHT is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
  • Click here for information on the company’s annual meeting of Stockholders.
  • Our CUSIP number is 044103.
  • You can purchase shares of AHT stock through any licensed brokerage firm.
  • No, AHT does not have a direct stock purchase plan. AHT’s stock must be purchased through a licensed brokerage firm.
  • No, AHT does not have a dividend reinvestment program at this time.
  • The Company’s fiscal year end is December 31.
  • FFO, or funds from operations, is a supplemental performance measurement that has been adopted by NAREIT as an industry-wide measure of REIT operating performance. NAREIT and its member companies believe that real estate values have historically risen and fallen with market conditions, and therefore, that historical cost accounting for real estate companies may be misleading. FFO addresses this industry problem by excluding historical cost depreciation from the calculation of net income. FFO is not a financial measure that is calculated in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP"). FFO should not be considered as an alternative measure of net income (loss), operating performance or liquity as calculated in accordance with GAAP.
  • RevPAR, which is a widely used statistic by lodging REITs, stands for revenue per available room.
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