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  • Our common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol NWBI.
    For more detailed stock information, please visit our Stock Quote page.
  • To see a list of our historical dividends, please visit our Dividends page.
  • To sign up for Email alerts on our Events, Documents, Press Releases and closing stock price information, please visit our Email Notification page.
  • Yes. You may enroll in the Divident Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase and Sale Plan either with shares you already own directly or with cash to directly purchase your initial shares. Before enrolling, you must read the brochure for the Plan which contains important details. You can read the brochure and enroll online by clicking this link Dividend Reinvestment Plan. You may also reqeust a brochure and enrollement application by calling American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the plan administrator, directly at 1-877-715-0499 or Northwest at 1-800-859-1000. Click here to request more information from Northwest Bancshares, Inc.
  • Northwest Bancshares, Inc. offers registered shareholders the convenience of having quarterly dividends directly deposited into their designated checking or savings account. The service is free of charge and gives shareholders immediate access to their dividends each quarter on the payment date. Participants will receive a notice each time a dividend is deposited to their account. Registered shareholders may enroll in this service by logging into their account at www.amstock.com. To enroll by mail, an enrollment card may be requested by calling American Stock Transfer & Trust Company toll free at (877) 715-0499, Northwest at (800) 859-1000 or via our Information Request page.
  • Our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, processes requests from shareholders regarding the transfer or change in registration of their shares. Such transfer instructions and forms are viewable and printable from our transfer agent’s website at www.amstock.com under the “General Shareholder Information” tab. Alternatively, you can contact American Stock Transfer & Trust Company toll free at (877) 715-1499, Northwest at (800) 859-1000 or via our Information Request page to request the instructions and forms.
  • American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, our transfer agent, offers a free service whereby registered shareholders may access their shareholder account on-line via “Shareholder Account Access” at www.amstock.com. There you can view and update account information, print a duplicate Form 1099-DIV, and perform various transactions.
  • You may request a replacement check on-line by accessing your shareholder account at www.amstock.com or by calling our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust company toll free at (877) 715-0499.
  • To ensure delivery of your dividend checks, dividend reinvestment plan statements, or year-end tax forms, it is important that you notify our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company of any change of address. Abandon property laws in each state require us to escheat (transfer title to) uncashed dividends to the state of your last known address when they have remained uncashed for a statutory period of time. Shares of stock are also subject to escheatment if mail is returned undeliverable by the post office. To change the address on your account by mail, complete, sign and return the change of address form attached to your dividend check or dividend reinvestment plan statement, as applicable, to American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, Operation Center, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219. You may also change your address on-line by accessing your account at www.amstock.com.
  • Stock certificates are valuable documents, which represent tangible evidence of your share ownership in Northwest Bancshares, Inc. and as such should be carefully safeguarded. If your stock certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, notify American Stock Transfer & Trust Company immediately at (877) 715-0499 so that a stop order can be placed against the missing certificate. American Stock Transfer & Trust Company will send you the necessary forms to replace the certificate. You will be required to pay a bond of approximately 2% of the current market value of the shares represented by the missing certificate to secure a surety bond. The bond is standard industry practice and protects the transfer agent in the event the original certificate is found and submitted for transfer. If the certificate is found prior to replacement, notify American Stock Transfer & Trust Company as the stop can be removed.