Greater energy independence. A vibrant and sustainable local economy. Preserving the Hawaii we cherish.

For more than 125 years, Hawaiian Electric has provided the energy that has fueled our islands' growth and prosperity. Hawaiian Electric serve 95 percent of Hawaii. With that great privilege comes great responsibility.

We have a shared kuleana to serve our customers, care for our communities, and lead the way to a clean energy future for our islands. We are creating strong partnerships within our communities to achieve a 100 percent renewable energy future, the most ambitious clean energy goal in the nation.

Today, we are providing cleaner, smarter and more reliable service for our customers. And we are committed to continuing our progress to meet our ambitious goals. In the end, we know the true measure of our success lies in the energy future we leave for generations to come.

we see commitment

As we transform to the utility of the future, learn about how our logo speaks to our heritage, our commitment, and the privilege and responsibility we have to our community today and to future generations.

we see responsibility

Watch how Hawaiian Electric is working with a local rancher to preserve his family lands by developing a wind farm compatible with their ranching activities, helping our state move even closer towards our clean energy goals.

Corporate Sustainability Report

Hawaiian Electric see sustainability as the long-term stewardship of our economy and environment with clean energy as our kuleana, our responsibility. To download one of our annual corporate sustainability reports, please click the image or year below.

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