Whistleblower Procedures

Whistleblower Procedures

Procedure to Report Securities Violations or
Accounting or Audit Irregularities

Trustmark is committed to full compliance with laws and regulations relating to securities and prohibiting fraudulent activity against shareholders. Trustmark requires its associates and encourages others to promptly report to the Trustmark Hotline at 1-866-979-3769 any action or inaction by Trustmark which might violate said laws or constitute questionable audit or accounting practices.

Trustmark's General Counsel will investigate and report to the Trustmark Audit and Finance Committee, which will take appropriate action. Complaints will be treated confidentially and anonymously. Trustmark will not retaliate against an associate that calls Trustmark's Hotline about a securities law violation or an accounting or audit irregularity.

This procedure is publicly distributed as required and is on Trustmark's website. Trustmark associates will receive this policy via internal correspondence and it will likewise be posted on the internal web page.

Complaints will be retained in a confidential file maintained in the office of the General Counsel for a period of five years from the date the complaint is made.

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