Corporate Governance

Committee Charting

Board and Committee Composition

James R. Jobe Robert A. McCabe Jr. Robert T. Webb Charter Documents Charter Documents Charter Documents
Audit Committee $ CC
Compensation Committee $ CC
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee CC $
Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
James R. Jobe CC
Robert A. McCabe Jr. $ CC $ $
Robert T. Webb CC
$= Financial Expert
CC= Chairperson
= Member
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Director Communication
The Board of Directors has created the "NHI Valuesline" program in order to enable interested parties to communicate with (on a non-identifiable basis if so desired) NHI executive officers, independent directors, and the NHI Board. The NHI Valuesline toll free number is 877-880-2974 and is answered by an independent contractor who transmits the communication to the Company's Corporate Secretary , who establishes a date by which the caller can obtain a response to the communication, if so requested. The Corporate Secretary will forward any inquiries to or about executive officers or directors to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and coordinate any necessary communication and response.