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Corporación América Airports S.A.

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  Corporación America Airports S.A.
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  Name: Andres Zenarruza
  Title: Legal Manager
  By:  /s/ Raúl Guillermo Francos
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99.1 Press release dated July 16, 2018 - Corporación América Airports S.A. reports 5.8% YoY Increase in Total Passenger Traffic in June 2018.




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Exhibit 99.1




Corporación América Airports S.A. Reports 5.8% YoY Increase in Total Passenger Traffic in June 2018


Passenger traffic in Argentina up 2.0% YoY while Brazil continues to recover with traffic up 11.1% YoY, further supported by growth across most countries of operations


Luxembourg, July 16, 2018— Corporación América Airports S.A. (NYSE: CAAP), (“CAAP” or the “Company”) the largest private sector airport operator in the world by number of airports, reported today preliminary year-over-year passenger traffic growth of 5.8% in June 2018.


Passenger Traffic, Cargo Volume and Aircraft Movements Highlights      
Statistics Jun’18 Jun’17 % Var.   YTD’18 YTD’17 % Var
Domestic Passengers (thousands) 3,396 3,064 10.8%   20,936 19,466 7.6%
International Passengers (thousands) 2,209 2,212 -0.2%   13,587 12,912 5.2%
Transit Passengers (thousands) 660 643 2.6%   4,300 3,738 15.0%
Total Passengers (thousands) 6,265 5,920 5.8%   38,823 36,116 7.5%
Cargo Volume (thousand tons) 30.6 29.2 4.7%   196.8 175.1 12.3%
Total Aircraft Movements (thousands) 71.4 68.2 4.8%   428.9 409.6 4.7%


Passenger Traffic Overview


Total passenger traffic in June 2018 increased by 5.8% compared to the same period of 2017, primarily reflecting growth of 11.1% in Brazil, 2.0% in Argentina and 4.2% in Italy.


In Brazil, passenger traffic at Brasilia Airport continued to recover increasing by 12.0% in June 2018, mainly due to 16.8% growth in domestic passengers. This increase was driven by additional frequencies in existing routes to several domestic destinations by Gol, Latam and Azul which increased their weekly flights by 13%, 8% and 18%, respectively.


In Argentina, domestic traffic increased 9% YoY, partially offset by declines of 7% and 14% in international and transit passengers, respectively reflecting the initial impact of the currency depreciation and more challenging macro conditions. Additional routes and flights to existing destinations were added in Argentina during the last twelve months. Aerolineas Argentinas added new frequencies to Madrid, Punta Cana, Río de Janeiro and São Pablo. Copa Airlines also increased its monthly frequencies from both Aeroparque and Ezeiza to Panama, Latam added frequencies to São Pablo. Low-cost carriers continued to expand operations during this period. LEVEL began flying from Ezeiza to Barcelona, Gol added new frequencies to São Pablo and Recife, and Azul Linhas Aereas added frequencies to Belo Horizonte.


In addition, low-cost carrier Fly Bondi, flying out of El Palomar Airport, continued to increase connectivity throughout Argentina by adding flights to Salta Airport, and by increasing the overall number of frequencies it offers across the country.


The Company’s Italian airports reported a 4.2% YoY increase in traffic, mainly due to the opening of new international and domestic flights, and the addition of new frequencies, that are taking place during the Italian summer season. Operating at Pisa Airport, Pobeda opened a new route to St. Petersburg and added frequencies to Moscow. In addition, Ryanair expanded its Pisa Airport network and added frequencies to both domestic and international destinations. Moreover, TAP opened a new international route to Portugal (Lisbon) operated from Florence Airport.


Passenger traffic in Uruguay declined 4.2% compared to June 2017 mainly as a result of the devaluation of the Real against the US Dollar and to a lower degree as a result of the devaluation of the Argentinean Peso against the US Dollar, which resulted in a decrease in Brazilian and Argentinean passengers, respectively.


Cargo Volume and Aircraft Movements


Cargo volume was up 4.7% in June 2018. Growth was primarily driven by Brazil which posted a 30.2% YoY increase, followed by a 36.7% increase in Ecuador, both as a result of improved economic conditions.


Aircraft movements increased by 4.8% in June 2018 mainly driven by Argentina, up 7.3% during the period, followed by Peru and Brazil, with an increase of 15.2% and 2.2% respectively.


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Summary Passenger Traffic, Cargo Volume and Aircraft Movements      
  Jun’18 Jun’17 % Var.   YTD’18 YTD’17 % Var.
Passenger Traffic (thousands)            
Argentina 2,726 2,672 2.0%   19,074 17,499 9.0%
Italy 855 821 4.2%   3,757 3,653 2.8%
Brazil 1,642 1,478 11.1%   9,822 9,288 5.7%
Uruguay 154 161 -4.2%   1,195 1,150 3.9%
Ecuador 358 326 9.6%   2,131 2,035 4.7%
Armenia 251 219 14.8%   1,206 1,091 10.5%
Peru 278 242 14.7%   1,639 1,400 17.1%
TOTAL 6,265 5,920 5.8%   38,823 36,116 7.5%
Cargo Volume (tons)            
Argentina 16,133 17,045 -5.4%   117,042 99,987 17.1%
Italy 1,188 939 26.5%   5,686 5,404 5.2%
Brazil 5,731 4,403 30.2%   29,781 25,861 15.2%
Uruguay 2,226 2,321 -4.1%   13,551 13,567 -0.1%
Ecuador 3,494 2,555 36.7%   20,533 17,152 19.7%
Armenia 1,440 1,591 -9.5%   7,799 10,863 -28.2%
Peru 402 381 5.6%   2,358 2,308 2.2%
TOTAL 30,614 29,235 4.7%   196,750 175,141 12.3%
Aircraft Movements            
Argentina 34,566 32,204 7.3%   219,337 203,024 8.0%
Italy 7,988 7,911 1.0%   35,930 36,489 -1.5%
Brazil 15,189 14,861 2.2%   91,156 89,693 1.6%
Uruguay 2,171 2,284 -4.9%   18,070 17,540 3.0%
Ecuador 6,662 6,639 0.3%   38,040 39,939 -4.8%
Armenia 2,045 1,846 10.8%   10,951 9,838 11.3%
Peru 2,779 2,413 15.2%   15,442 13,083 18.0%
TOTAL 71,400 68,158 4.8%   428,926 409,606 4.7%


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About Corporación América Airports


Corporación América Airports acquires, develops and operates airport concessions. The Company is the largest private airport operator in the world by the number of airports and the tenth largest based on passenger traffic. Currently, the Company operates 52 airports in 7 countries across Latin America and Europe (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Armenia and Italy). In 2017, Corporación América Airports served 76.6 million passengers. The Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange where it trades under the ticker “CAAP”. For more information, visit


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Gimena Albanesi

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